For Gods sake,! Aussie TV host blasts Instagram influencers challenging Covid jab

Vaccine: TV host says ‘don’t take advice from Instagram influencers’

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Sunrise presenter Edwina Bartholomew urged her viewers not to “take your advice from Instagram influencers” when it comes to deciding whether to get jabbed or not. The appeal from the Aussie host came after she shared details of her experience of getting the COVID-19 vaccine as a pregnant woman. Ms Bartholomew reported several so-called influencers had contacted her about her experience and criticised her decision to get the jab after health officials cleared doctors to administer it during pregnancy.

In footage shared on her personal Instagram page, Ms Bartholomew was shown getting her second jab at a vaccination centre.

She said: “When the confirmation came through that I would finally be getting the vaccine I was really relieved.

“Like I can leave the house again safely, go do the grocery shopping.

“This is exciting. This feels like the first step to freedom.

“The process is painless. The solution is that easy, and the time experts say is now.”

The host then urged other pregnant women to speak to a health expert about getting the jab on Sunrise news.

“Don’t take it from me either, speak to your GP, speak to a midwife, your obstetrician, the health experts in your life who know the data, and take advice from them.


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The Sunrise star earlier this month announced she was pregnant with her second child. 

The 38-year-old is already a parent to a 20-month-old daughter, Molly.  

The Australian Government cleared pregnant women for vaccination earlier this week.

Under new guidelines, doctors are now able to administer the Pfizer jab to any expecting person amid rising concerns about the risks contraction Covid while pregnant could have for both mum and baby.

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