For Good Morning America's T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach, It's Business as Usual (So Far) Amid Reports of Alleged Affair

ABC has not yet made any changes to the anchor team for Good Morning America‘s third hour amid reports that Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes, both married to others, are romantically linked.

Robach and Holmes anchored GMA3 as usual on both Thursday and Friday, in the immediate wake of a flurry of photos that surfaced (via the Daily Mail) showing them on vacation in upstate New York. Robach is married to Melrose Place vet Andrew Shue (though they are allegedly en route to a divorce), while Holmes is married to attorney Marilee Fiebig (from whom he allegedly has been separated).

During Friday’s telecast, however, some speculate that Holmes was alluding to the maelstrom of rumors when he (sarcastically?) quipped, “You know, it’s too bad it’s Friday. It’s been a great week. I just want this one to keep going and going and going.” To which Robach said, “Oh, speak for yourself. I am very excited about the weekend. And I’m sure everybody else is, too.”

Both TMZ and Page Six have reported via sources that ABC (which of course is owned by wholesome Disney) has no immediate plans to discipline either anchor amid reports of their alleged affair; instead, the news division is taking a “wait and see” approach — for now.

Rumors about Robach and Holmes’ relationship have been swirling for years, but they hit a fever pitch when the pair were photographed together on a vacation in upstate New York. (The uproar led to both Robach and Holmes shutting down their Instagram accounts.)

Robach and Holmes host Good Morning America‘s third hour, titled GMA3: What You Need to Know, along with ABC News’ chief health and medical correspondent Jennifer Ashton. Robach and Holmes both also serve as reporters for the main Good Morning America broadcast, and Robach co-anchors ABC’s 20/20 as well.

Sources at Good Morning America told People this week that the relationship doesn’t come as a surprise: “There were rumors they were having an affair about a year ago. A lot of people believed there might have been some truth to it, because you can see there’s a mutual affection there. But everyone ultimately chalked it up to friendship because they always said they were both happily married.”

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