Game of Thrones: Jon Snow’s Winterfell fate revealed in epic clue everyone missed?

Game of Thrones fans will remember the chaos that ensued after the Night King (Played by Vladimir Furdik) awoke the Crypts of Winterfell.

The theory was floating around long before the episode aired, and fans were terrified as the Night King stood in front of Jon Snow (Kit Harrington), resurrecting the dead and raising a new army.

However, one eagle-eyed fan discovered one of Jon Snow’s dreams has a striking resemblance to the third episode of the final season.

In a recent re-read of the books, Reddit user rat_cook_manderly took to the site to share the theory.

The user said: “In the last Jon in A Clash of Kings, when he’s inside the mountain behind the waterfall with Qhorin Halfhand, he has this dream:

“‘Sleep came at last, and with it nightmares. He dreamed of burning castles and dead men rising unquiet from their graves.’

“This is after Ramsay puts fire in Winterfell.

“There’s a theory that the spirits of the dead kings in the crypts will help defeat the others, but I never saw any text that might serve as a hint for that, but now I was just re-reading ACOK and got to this part.”

“It made me remind the theory. So, what do you think?”

Indeed, the dream does resonate with the turmoil fans saw in the final season where Winterfell’s dead rose among the flames of the final battle.

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One user agreed with the theory that the dream could foreshadow the events of the finale, commenting: “Yo, I’m gunna pay special attention to this when I analyse every dream in the books.

“This could foreshadow the dead Starks in the crypts rising like they did in the show.

“When that happened in the show, I literally said out loud, ‘Holy s**t, they actually did it,’ amongst the bad writing of S8, this was one of my favourite parts.

However, this is certainly not the first time fan-favourites were seen battling the flames.

One fan theorised the dream was merely a reaction to the previous events that saw Ramsay (Iwan Rheon) burn Winterfell much earlier in the series.

The user commented: “It kinda strikes me as Bran and Rickon exiting the crypts after Ramsay burned down Winterfell.

“They are presumed to be dead, and they exited the crypt shortly after Ramsay burned down the castle. You could imagine how disquieted they’d be.”

Indeed, the dream came after Ramsey set Winterfell alight meaning it is more likely the dream came in response to the current events.

However, fans cannot deny the dream isn’t far off the season three episode that saw the “burning castles and dead men rising”.

With Game of Thrones now ended, perhaps they will have to turn to the books to see if there’s any action they’ve missed from the series.

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