Gemma Collins says her two stone boobs 'are killing her' as she plans reduction surgery

GEMMA Collins admitted that her two stone boobs are "killing her" and she is planning to have breast reduction surgery.

The 39-year-old reality star said that her chest is so heavy and painful she has resorted to massaging her boobs three times a day.

The Towie icon is desperate to get breast uplift surgery after revealing that they weight a staggering two stone.

Gemma visited her plastic surgeon Dr Frati on London's Harley Street to discuss going under the knife.

On Tuesday's episode of her reality show Diva Forever and Ever, she told her doctor: "I need them massaged three times a day, they're killing me."

She continued "For 39 years these have been a big part of me – my breasts – but they're not gonna be for the next."

The telly favourite is keen to get the surgery done before she reaches 40 and would love to take measures to reverse the aging process starting with her boobs.

Gemma told her surgeon: "Basically, you did a little bit of surgery for me a little while ago – fantastic.

"But I've showed you the dropping of my bust, and I'm going to be 40 in January, I know I don't look it, but I want to age reverse myself."

She continued: "When you look at J.Lo, Madonna, their boobs are up.

"I'm starting to get back ache. Can you make them perkier and back up?"

Gemma has been recently wowing fans with her weight loss journey after shedding three stone.

The GC's weight loss journey has been credited to her following a range of hardcore diets and by using weight loss jabs.

The £250 shots act as an appetite suppressant and help the body turn stored fat into energy.

Speaking on Instagram, the star opened up about her controversial way of losing weight and told fans: "They have transformed my whole life with regards to dieting."

Gemma has treated herself to various other procedures since shedding the pounds, including a hydro oxygen facial back in August.

She recently got a painful "jawline tightening" treatment to make herself look permanently contoured.

She filmed herself getting the procedure and told fans: "Girls, if any of you are trying to contour your face, this is the best girl to do it. Ive got no filter, I've got nothing on my face."

The beautician explained: "Basically we are doing a jawline contouring and tightening treatment. There's no needles, it's literally done with a machine."

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