Gillian Anderson has assistant to scan and shield her from lewd messages

X-FILES star Gillian Anderson has an assistant who shields her from explicit photos she is sent by men.

The 53-year-old actress told how she is bombarded with “d*** pics” thanks to her raunchy role in Sex Education.

Gillian, who plays sex therapist Dr Jean Milburn, said: “I do have someone who goes through the stuff before I see it, so it’s possible I don’t know about it.

“Including the, shall we say, d*** pics that I apparently get sent.

“So I don’t have Instagram on my phone but sometimes I’ll be alerted to the fact there has been a slew of d*** pics. People are shocking!”

She plays the mum of awkward teenager Otis, whose classmates find a video of her using a courgette to demonstrate how to pleasure a man.

US star Gillian, who lives in London, said she considered not joining the Netflix show — back for a third series — for her three kids’ sake.

She said they may have been embarrassed as “the courgette video is out there in the same way that it was in the series”.

But she went on: “The way these conversations are handled on the show is really careful and mindful and researched, and so I feel proud to be a part of something that is handling it so well.”

She added: “I can have conversations with them about how important it is and some of these conversations help to settle their concerns.”           

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