GMB's Dr Amir Khan reveals fears for relatives in India as they tell him 'coronavirus situation is desperate'

GOOD Morning Britain's Dr. Amir Khan shared his fears for his family living in India today after they told him the "coronavirus situation is desperate".

India is fighting the 'world's worst' Covid outbreak as hospitals run out of beds and oxygen, leaving gasping patients to die at home or on the streets.

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Dr Khan, who has family in India, explained that people in rural communities can't get access testing and are dying at home.

And he said the UK should be cautious as further lockdown measures, including indoor mixing, are eased on May 17.

Speaking to presenters Susanna Reid and Adil Ray he said: "It is hard, my mum speaks to them every day.

"They are calling this a very difficult situation, like many people in India are.

"They are being told to stay at home, but they can’t afford to stay at home. The state funding to get people to stay at home and stay safe, just isn’t there

“From what I hear the situation is desperate. It matches up with the pictures we are seeing. A lot of these pictures are from private hospitals.

"The public hospitals are much worse. People in rural communities, in particular, who can’t get access to testing are dying at home without a test. It’s a really sad situation."

His comments come after it was reported last night that virus victims are hurling themselves off buildings as India’s Covid crisis deepens.

And yesterday the nation, which has recorded nearly 200,000 deaths, set another grim milestone for the highest number of infections — for the fifth straight day.

It registered 2,812 deaths and 352,991 new cases — a global daily high.

The spike has sparked a 1,500 per cent hike in the price of black market oxygen, with some families paying ÂŁ900 for ÂŁ60 cylinders.

But thousands unable to afford it were feared to be dying without medical care.

It comes as:

  • UK sends ventilators to India to help overwhelmed hospitals
  • IPL chiefs vow tournament will go ahead despite the crisis
  • India threatens to 'hang' officials delaying oxygen supplies
  • Cases could hit 500,000 a day as death toll mounts

India was once seen as a success story in beating the pandemic but PM Narendra Modi now stands accused of cover-ups and dismal failure.

A West Bengal man was reported to have leapt to his death from a hospital roof after testing positive.

In Patna in the north east, a railway worker beheaded his wife when she caught the virus then leapt to his death from their apartment.

Film also emerged showing a victim’s body falling from an overloaded ambulance en route to a crematorium.

The capital, Delhi — where the night sky glows orange with funeral pyres — is the worst-hit city. It has reported 1,777 deaths in five days.

Emergency ward medic Dr Gautam Singh tweeted: “Please send oxygen — my patients are dying.”

The first of nine planeloads of medical supplies sent by the UK is due to arrive today.

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