GMB’S Richard Madeley calls Laura Tobin 'breakfast' as armed guard protects her from polar bear threat

GOOD Morning Britain's Richard Madeley told Laura Tobin "you represent breakfast" today as an armed guard protected her from the threat of polar bears.

The broadcaster presented live from a glacier in Svalbard, Norway where she highlighted the devastating impacts of global warming.

Back in the studio, Richard drew viewers' attention to Laura's guard, who stood with a rifle strapped to his back.

He said: "You've got an armed guard which you probably wouldn't have needed 10 or 20 years ago, that's because there's so little ice for them; the polar bears are more aggressive now.

"They can't hunt for seals because there isn't enough ice to launch their fishing expeditions off, so they're coming on land looking for meat. You represent breakfast. What type of protection has the guy got if polar bears come sniffing around?"

Wrapped up in a thick red coat, hat and scarf, Laura said no one is allowed to leave the hotel complex without a guide or their own gun.

In the first instance flares are sent up to warn the bears off, but if that doesn't work then rifles are used as a last resort.

However, there was no immediate danger and Laura insisted she was safe.

During her report, she told how the average winter temperature in Svalbard has increased by 7.7 degrees over the last 50 years. The location is warming five times faster than anywhere else on earth.

The glacier behind her had also retreated 500 metres during her lifetime having a dramatic effect on the local wildlife.

Looking at the effects of climate change on a global scale, Laura said: "We are having events that have never happened before, that are never meant to happen. The torrential rain in Germany… we had the heavy rain in China… the next week we had New York… we had the highest temperatures ever recorded in Canada… we had the wild fires, that is just this summer. We have to join the dots. It's very obvious its climate change."

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