'Grey's Anatomy': Jesse Williams Admits the Idea of a Jackson Spinoff Is 'Damn Interesting'

Grey’s Anatomy star Jesse Williams recently shocked fans when he unexpectedly left the medical drama after 12 seasons. However, his days as Dr. Jackson Avery might not be over just yet. According to Williams, the idea of a Jackson-focused spinoff is “damn interesting.”

The idea of Jesse Williams’ exit from ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ came about ‘organically’

During a recent interview with Deadline, Williams explained that the idea for his exit from Grey’s Anatomy came about this past year. And he says it happened “organically.” The actor explained that he worked with producers to unpack where Jackson was in terms of his self-discovery.

Jackson has had a difficult couple of years when it comes to relationships, both romantic and platonic. Williams said that his character has been a “little lost” ever since his divorce from April Kepner (Sarah Drew).

He also pointed out that as an Avery, Jackson has a lot of power and influence, but he keeps running from it.

“So, it kind of just happened naturally through really honoring what’s the truth of the character, not what I want or what the show wants, or what the fans want. What is true for the character? Where would he find himself?” Williams said.

Dr. Avery moved from Seattle to Boston in his final episode

The recent episode titled “Look Up Child” ended up being Williams’ last. His character had grown frustrated with the healthcare system and its inequities. He also had issues with how the pandemic was disproportionately impacting communities of color.

So, he revealed that he would be leaving Grey Sloan Memorial in Seattle and moving to Boston. His plan was to take over his family’s foundation and start making a bigger impact in the world. Fans also got a big surprise when his ex-wife April showed up for Jackson’s last episode.

She agreed to follow him to Boston so he could stay close to their daughter. And she also dropped the bombshell that she had split from her husband. April’s appearance had Japril fans rejoicing. They want more from this couple, and they’re calling for a spinoff.

Jesse Williams likes the idea of a Jackson-focused ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ spinoff

With fans wanting more of Jackson and April, the actor says it’s possible that there could be a Grey’s Anatomy spinoff that focuses on the couple living their new lives in Boston. However, it’s just an idea at this point.

“We’ll see. I’m not entirely sure. There is certainly a part of me that is compelled to go out into the wilderness as well [as Jackson] and do something different and new, so I’m very excited to do that,” Williams told TV Line.

“That said, I’m really proud of the work and the character I’ve created here in this world, and I get [fans’ interest]. That would be a damn interesting and meaty spinoff with incredibly talented actors in a world that I don’t see reflected in television as far as equity in medicine and the actual role that the medical community plays in impacting our livelihoods, so there is something there. I don’t begrudge it. So, we’ll see. We’ll see.”

Jesse Williams has thought about his character’s future

Williams had input when it came to his character’s exit. And he’s also thought about how the next chapter for Jackson in Boston could play out. The actor says that in his mind, Jackson will have many stumbles on his road to success after taking on running the foundation.

He believes the family foundation is something that Jackson will not give up. And, he’s finally found a place for his whole self that is not just his profession.

“He loved his job as a surgeon. He was damn good at it but it’s only using one half of himself, and he needs to find something that feeds his soul,” Williams said.

Will ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ fans see Jackson and April rekindle their romance?

A Jackson spinoff is still very much an idea, and only an idea at this point. But, if it does happen, could fans see Jackson and April rekindle their romance? According to Williams, he can absolutely see it happening.

“I think it’s pretty possible that he rekindles a romantic connection to his ex-wife, they’re damn good together,” Williams said. “But most importantly what he needs from that is friendship and kindness, and patience, and understanding, and I think that he will get that with her and be able to share and give and reciprocate it as well.”

Since Jackson is now the boss of his former colleagues, Williams is not ruling out a return to Grey Sloan for an occasional guest appearance. Fans will just have to wait and see.

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays on ABC.

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