Has Karen gone missing in Doctors as Rob returns to an empty house?

The marital dream team of receptionist Karen and police Sgt Rob Hollins (Jan Pearson and Chris Walker) have been through a lot over the years in Doctors. First, Karen lost her memory.

Then Rob developed PTSD and was wrongly accused of pushing a suspect down the stairs. Then, last Christmas, Karen collapsed following a heart attack at work and narrowly escaped death.

But now, things are looking up. They have decided to sell their house, retire from their jobs and sail off around the world together. What could go wrong?

At the start of the week, Karen has lost her glasses and so cannot read a text message from her son, Jack. Scarlett (Kia Pegg) helps her to adjust her phone settings so that the phone reads out the messages out loud in a robotic voice. Karen is both amused and delighted by this, although it leads to an embarrassing incident in front of Zara (Elisabeth Dermot Walsh) which Al (Ian Midlane) finds very funny. “Gobby” Hollins strikes again!

Later, more good news: despite having only been on sale for a few days, Rob and Karen’s house has sold for £10,000 over the asking price!

The couple are very excited. Rob deals with an unrelated police case involving noisy neighbours while Karen checks out a cottage which they have their eye on. The future looks bright.

Later, Rob returns home. ‘Karen?’, he shouts. No answer. Where is she?

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