Holly Willoughby fights back tears as This Morning co-worker’s dad dies of Covid

Holly Willoughby, 39, and her co-presenter Phillip Schofield, 58, sat down with This Morning staffer Lauren Hart to talk about the devastating loss of her father live on the ITV show.

The segment was designed to show the impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on the team at the daytime programme.

It was titled “Covid and its tragic effort on our team”, and saw mother-of-three Holly welling up as she listened to Lauren tell her heartbreaking story.

The production staffer began by explaining that her father Peter caught the virus while he was working to help the mass of incoming patients at a hospital in East Surrey in April 2020.

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Sadly, despite the doctors’ valiant efforts to take care of Peter, he died on his 52nd birthday after battling the disease for a month on a ventilator.

"To hear those words – that he was on a ventilator – must have been really tough,” Holly said.

"It was so difficult,” Lauren replied. “And I have a 10-year-old sister so at the time she was only nine.

"As a family having to explain that to her – that her daddy could not communicate with us any more at that time – was really difficult.”

The This Morning employee went on to say that the family fought to be brave throughout her father’s battle, all the while hopeful he would recover.

"We explained we had to be there for him and to stay strong for him as the next few weeks hopefully his body would respond to the treatment the hospital was giving him,” Lauren continued.

"She is just so positive and a little ray of sunshine so she wanted to stay strong for her daddy.

"She wrote a lovely card for him which we gave to the hospital to put at the end of my dad's bed.

"She wanted it to be the first thing he saw when he woke up. She wanted a drawing to be there for him."

Close to tears, Holly nodded as the interviewee added: “I just want to say to people – it can affect anybody of any age and it could be anybody.

"My dad was full of health and so positive. Think of the staff in ICU right now doing their best to protect families."

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