Holly Willoughby makes ‘sexism’ dig over Prince William’s muscular vaccine photo

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Holly Willoughby reminded guest Matthew Wright what it was like in "life as a woman" during an awkward moment on This Morning today (May 20) as they were discussing the recent picture of Prince William getting his vaccine on Instagram.

Hosts Holly and Phillip Schofield were debating the latest news stories of the day with regular guest Matthew and Julia Hartley-Brewer.

Prince William’s snap of him getting the Covid-19 jab has caused quite a stir, as fans and the media noticed the Duke’s incredibly muscular and toned arm while he received it.

Yet as the group discussed the picture and Matthew shared his thoughts on how much of a "shame" it was the royal was trying to promote a serious issue and all people could talk about was the size of his arms, Holly was indignant.

"All jab no flab Prince William I have to say," Matthew joked initially.

But taking the conversation seriously, the guest said: "Such a shame though, I mean there is… he’s out there really pushing this to get the message across to the younger people.

"The same younger people I’ve seen at petrol stations around the south of England, not wearing masks when being asked to. And in the end the media just says 'look at the size of his arms'."

Feeling strongly about her own experiences as a woman in the media being similar, Holly fired back: "Welcome to life as a woman."

Going red, Matthew laughed nervously: "Damn right."

"I must say, you have my commiserations," the guest tried to row back, as Holly simply said: "Thank you."

Also in the conversation, Julia commented on the Duke’s gradual hair loss, which left the presenter in furious disagreement.

"Look let’s be honest, I know Holly will back me up on this he was a hottie at 18," Julia offered. "But I’m glad he bagged Kate when he did because the years have not been kind to him."

"Oh Julia no!" Holly cried.

"No I’m sure he’s a wonderful man but on the hair front it’s not been kind," the guest insisted with a laugh, as Holly still appeared unimpressed.

"But he has definitely been looking after himself. All credit to him."

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