Holly Willoughby shrieks as spooky Halloween decoration 'turns itself on'

HOLLY Willoughby let out a loud shriek as a spooky Halloween decoration "turned itself on" in the television studio.

The presenter was being told the best buys ahead of Halloween this weekend by Josie Gibson when they were unexpectedly interrupted.

The £118 toy started making noises – despite Josie turning it off.

Moments before, Holly had said: "It's horrible. I feel like even when you unplug that at night it's still going to ddo that."

When it made Holly and Phillip Schofield jump as Josie spoke about the next toy, Holly shouted: "I told you it would do that!

"I said that. Its eyes aren't lighting up now."

Freaked out about what had happened, Josie said: "I just turned that off, you saw me do that.

"I'm getting out of here in a minute.

"I'm going to try and act like there's not a ghost in the studio now."

Holly replied: "So creepy."

Earlier in the show, Holly was told by a psychic that she'll invent "cutting-edge technology" that will transform children's books forever.

Psychic astrologist Jessica – who claims to have predicted coronavirus a year before it hit – gave her verdict on what the future holds for the This Morning presenter.

"I know you've done children's books and working with your sister," she told Holly on today's show.

"When we're looking at your future, we're looking at children's books getting converted into cutting edge technology.

"Even though this is a long time ago, it's coming back and it's the kind of technology that enables you to walk around inside your book."

Surprised Holly replied: "Oh amazing, very specific. We'll see if that all comes true."

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