Hollyoaks saves life of radio contributor who had planned their suicide

BBC Radio 5 Live contributor John has opened up about how a Hollyoaks storyline saved their life.

 John was struggling with suicidal thoughts during lockdown last year.

After watching a Hollyoaks storyline, which saw mainstay Kyle Kelly (Adam Rickitt) take his own life, they decided to seek help.

Kyle had been battling depression in secret, and took his own life in tragic scenes which aired last June. His friend Darren Osborne (Ashley Taylor Dawson) — who had also been battling depression, and contemplated taking his own life — found him.

The subsequent episode dealt with the aftermath, as all of Kyle’s closest friends and family — including fiancee Nancy (Jessica Fox) — learned that Kyle had taken his own life.

John spoke to Ashley Taylor Dawson — who portrays Darren in the Channel 4 soap — about the storyline on yesterday’s BBC Radio 5 Live Drive, and thanked the actor for his role in the story that may have saved their life.

You don’t understand how appreciative I am because I wasn’t even going to watch that episode.,’ John told Ashley. ‘I wasn’t going to watch it because I was just going to end it… I’m shaking because I just can’t believe that this has happened.’

‘If that storyline wasn’t there, I would not be here… I’d be dead. That’s the reality of it. You have saved my life.’

Ashley added: ‘You know what I find interesting about that, John… you’d already planned it, you’d already said that you were going to go ahead with it, and you’d already thought about that scenario, but it was actually seeing it being played out.

‘So what I’m saying is, for everyone there might be a different avenue for them to open up – sometimes it takes something else to trigger than impulse and see a different route, maybe.’

Hollyoaks airs Mondays-Fridays at 7pm on E4.

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