Horrified Sonia confronts Janine over disgusting baby lie to Mick in EastEnders

If there’s one person capable of putting conniving Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks) in her place, it’s EastEnders icon Sonia Fowler (Natalie Cassidy).

And she has a lot to say about a baby lie she is about to desperately tell husband-to-be Mick Carter (Danny Dyer).

Janine and Mick recently had a scare when Janine took a fall and they nearly lost their baby.

Things are needing to be monitored now, but both have been relieved that things seem to be okay.

However, Janine’s paranoia that Mick is going to leave her for Linda (Kellie Bright) continues to overwhelm her.

And it will lead to her deceiving Mick in a serious way, when Janine distracts him with some upsetting news regarding the pregnancy.

It turns out to be quite a vicious lie, something that an astounded Sonia clocks right away.

In this intense moment, a disgusted Sonia calls Janine out, telling her that she has to tell Mick the truth.

Janine begs her not to say anything and, against her better judgement, Sonia decides not to.

But Janine isn’t out of the woods – Shirley (Linda Henry) overhears some of the back and forth and while she misses the detail, she has discovered that Janine is hiding something.

Deeply suspicious, will Shirley outright confront Janine, or go straight to Mick with her fears?

Or perhaps she plans to keep an eye on her scheming daughter-in-law to be so she can gather more evidence.

Charlie, who plays Janine, recently discussed Janine’s desperation to get Mick down the aisle – and insisted the love is genuine, albeit pretty twisted.

‘Janine’s on top of the world,’ she declared. ‘She’s got her man, she’s in the Vic, she’s got her family.

‘It’s everything she’s ever wanted. But as you know, with Janine, drama is never far away, even when there isn’t any, she is one to create drama. But I think she feels very loved and that this is real.

‘She wants to get the wedding done, and she wants to get it done quickly.

‘She wants the white dress and that ring on her finger, and I think the more uncertain she feels and unnerved around Linda and Mick continuing to remain close, the quicker she wants the wedding to happen to get her man.’

On Janine’s feelings for Mick as a whole, she added: ‘I think she sees a lot of her dad in Mick, and for that reason, she is in love with him.

‘I think he makes her feel a way that nobody has made her feel before. I think she likes the version of herself that he brings out.

‘But where there’s love, there’s danger, and when you develop feelings so strong for somebody, you’re open to being hurt, and she’s got a mask on a lot of the time.

‘I think she hides a lot of her pain through grandiosity and all that sort of thing but I do think she loves him, and I do think the Vic, all of that, is the cherry on top of the cake for her. It couldn’t be more perfect.’

These scenes air Monday 28th November at 7:30pm on BBC One.

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