Hugh Grant teases The Undoing season 2 all about Grace, Franklin and Henry after Jonathan is sent to prison

HUGH Grant has teased that season two of The Undoing could focus on Grace, Franklin and Henry after Jonathan is sent to prison.

The Sky Atlantic drama had viewers gripped when it aired last year, with Hugh's character Jonathan Fraser accused of murdering his lover.

His wife Grace is played by Nicole Kidman, and the series ended with the revelation that Jonathan was the murderer before he was sentenced and sent off to prison.

Now Hugh, 60, has revealed whether the Fraser's story could be explored further with a second series.

Speaking to Digital Spy, he said: "Well, maybe baby. You know, I think there's certainly more story to tell about Grace, and my son, and Grace's dad.

"I don't know exactly what I'd be up to, just in prison. I don't know how that develops. I mean, you'd have no whodunit, because we now know who did it.

"You'd have to find some other thing to keep you interested. I don't know. I think it might be quite hard to do a sequel."

Producer David E Kelley seemed to be of a similar view, telling TVLine: "I think we're satisfied. We're happy with the way it ended.

"I said there wouldn't be [a second season of] Big Little Lies, so I won't say that now. I learned my lesson. But that is not our intent."

While many viewers of The Undoing were thrilled by the series, some were left annoyed that Jonathan turned out to be the killer all along after numerous twists and turns.

One wrote: “Meh… Always seemed  like it had to be him. Anyone else would have been a lame twist. Terrific cast, let down by predictable outcome…”

“I feel like #TheUndoing should’ve ended better I mean it was predictable from the jump I honestly expected a shocking twist,” added another.

A third penned: “Boo on the incredibly predictable ending to The Undoing. Disappointing.”

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