Im A Celebs Mike gives insight into Royal Family after silencing co-stars

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    I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! star Mike Tindall opened up about his overnight stays at Buckingham Palace as he chatted candidly about life as a royal to campmate Owen Warner.

    The former England rugby star admitted that he was able to come downstairs in casual attire after spending a night at the Royal residence while being quizzed on his relationship with wife Zara Phillips.

    Hollyoaks star Owen also asked if Mike knew who Zara was when he first met her – with the sportsman confirming that he did as her mother Princess Anne is the patron of Scottish rugby.

    Owen asked: "Have you been to Buckingham Palace much?" Mike responded: "More than most."

    The actor then continued his line of questioning quizzing: "What’s it like there?"

    Mike explained: "A lot of it’s all the staterooms and there’s only a little bit of living. Yeah, I’ve stayed there."

    Intrigued Owen continued: "In the morning could you go down in your joggers and t-shirt, or did you have to get dressed up again?"

    Mike replied: "No, jeans and a tee." Surprised by his answer Owen said: "I thought you had to be suited and booted!"

    Concerned that he could be pressing him too much on his personal life Owen then checked if Mike minded answering his inquisitiveness.

    He said: "Do you mind chatting about it?" Chilled out Mike admitted: "No, I don’t mind."

    Taking the greenlight from his reply Owen continued: "When you first started chatting to Zara, how late in did you know she was royalty? Straight away?"

    Mike revealed: "Yeah, because I know she’s Princess Anne’s daughter. Princess Anne is patron of Scottish Rugby."

    Owen added: "Did you feel a bit of pressure? If I was chatting to a girl and then found out she was royalty I’d be nervous."

    Mike explained: "No because we were friends first and then William and Harry were massive England fans at the time, so we’d met them numerous times. Met more of the family than you’d normally have met of the woman you start dating."

    I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! continues tomorrow at 9pm on ITV and ITV Player.

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