Inside Carol Vorderman’s incredible Bristol home with library, huge lounge and posh kitchen

THERE'S no doubt that Carol Vorderman is British TV royalty – so it may come as no surprise she lives in a home that looks like a palace.

The 60-year-old has given fans glimpses of her home in Bristol while stuck inside during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Much to the delight of 78,000 followers, the star took to her Instagram story this week to show off her huge lounge, fit with a home gym.

Like many of us in lockdown, the BBC Radio Wales host was forced to convert space in her home to work out.

She shared a photo of her lounge and joint library space transformed with gym equipment, protective mats and weights.

The snap showed off the details of the royal rooms, with Carol writing: "Lounge and library are now my gym."

Spacious and bright, the connecting rooms boats floor to ceiling windows with opulent glass chandeliers and grey curtains.

Beyond a set of shutter doors to separate the spaces, the large lounge area has cream and grey sofas arranged in front of a large plasma TV.

Meanwhile the library area is softly decorated with flowers in wicker baskets alongside the walls and cupboard spaces for books and photo frames.

The floor is paved with dark wood floorboards throughout, while the walls are painted in soft greys and creams.

Previously, we've caught a glimpses of Carol's opulent kitchen.

The bright and airy room is filled with vases of perfectly arranged white flowers and a glossy white table.

A large free-standing mirror sat opposite the cream wooden kitchen surfaces, fit with a double oven and stove top.

Six grey arm-chair style seats were tucked neatly under the table, which was well lit thanks to a modern light fixture above it.

The kitchen counter also boasts LED lights to bring a cosy vibe to the room.

Alongside the table in the kitchen, Carol also has a separate dining room with a fireplace, fit for entertaining guests.

She gave fans a glimpse of her delicious Sunday roast, served with Champagne, as she sat on one of the grey velvet chairs.

Carol has two homes – in Bristol and Pembrokeshire – though it's thought she's been spending lockdown in the former.

Currently single, and recently admitting she has no plans to start a relationship, the presenter enjoys her home comforts alone.

Despite having plenty of male fans and attention, Carol insisted she was happy to have her space as being with someone makes her "feel sick".

She told The Telegraph: "The thought of sharing my life with someone again makes me feel positively sick."

Carol has been married twice, to Christopher Mather from 1985 to 1986 and then to Patrick King, who she shares two children with, from 1990 to 2000.

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