Inside Dermot O'Leary's stylish Primrose Hill home complete with statement staircase, funky kitchen and retro living room

HE is a familiar face in living rooms around the country thanks to his work on show's like The X Factor.

But Dermot O'Leary has given fans little glimpses into his own living room on his Instagram account.

The 47-year-old lives in London's Primrose Hill with wife Dee Koppang, and the couple clearly have a flare for interior design.

The pair announced the happy news they became parents for the first time on Tuesday, June 23.

They're yet to reveal the child's name, but for the moment are calling him after his double-barrelled surname, Baby Koppang O'Leary.

One of the standout features of their home is the statement open staircase, which runs up from the open plan kitchen opposite a panelled window.

At the top of the stairs, exposed brickwork can be seen, while at the bottom logs of wood sit in an alcove.

The house appears to be across more than two floors as another staircase – this time painted white – also features in posts shared by Dermot and wife Dee, 41.

On one floor, double doors open into a room with herringbone wooden floors and retro style furniture, including a circular brass drinks trolley.

A large mirror sits above a statement fireplace, while the couple have created a butterfly picture wall in an alcove.

Adding a splash of colour to the room is a mustard yellow velvet chair and soft furnishings such as blankets and cushions.

A room at the top of the house appears to have been converted into a home studio for the radio presenter, complete with neon signs, artwork and huge, leafy plants.

Meanwhile downstairs in the kitchen, there's a slight nautical theme, with a funky anchor light on the wall and a retro style cupboard full of cups and glasses.

The white units face a wall of glass floor to ceiling windows which over look their garden.

Light seems to flood into all rooms of the house, with producer and director Dee snapping pictures of her enviable wardrobe in a large dressing room and in the light and airy hallway near the staircase.

The dressing room features a full wall of mirrored panelled wardrobes and a large chest of drawers can be seen at the other end of the room.

While that space is more than likely Dee's domain, Dermot has put his stamp on another room in the house where he has framed pictures of his work as well as an 'on air' sign in a nod to his radio job.

The house certainly has plenty of room for their cats to roam, including Toto, who features in Dermot's children's books, Toto The Ninja Cat.

Dermot showed off his stunning home in a livestream charity fundraiser last night to raise much needed funding for the London Irish Centre.

Introducing his pad to viewers, he said: "We're in my house. This is my house, we should be in the London Irish Centre doing a fundraiser but here we are for an evening of song, music and chats with friends.

"A little tour of the house, I've tried to make it as Irish as possible without going heavy handed. We have a lot of greenery, we have a picture of (Ernest) Shackleton pushing his boat …

"And there are lots of glasses here where we used to entertain people before the apocalypse."

The London Irish Centre helps all vulnerable and elderly people and Dermot said lockdown had "decimated" its ability to fundraise.

To donate to the London Irish Centre text Irish 10, Irish 20 or Irish 30 to 70085.

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