Inside Joe Lycetts life off screen from private love life to stunning home

Joe Lycett is one of the funniest comedians on TV – and he's set to grace our screens on Friday night as one of the stars presenting Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C).

The 35-year-old Brummie, also known by the self-given moniker Mummy, has come a long way in showbiz since bursting onto the scene with his popular stand-up shows.

The Channel 4 programme, which will see Joe joined by hosts including Davina McCall and Adam Hills, will be held at The Francis Crick Institute, a renowned hub for pioneering cancer research, for Cancer Research UK.

But what do we know about the comedian's life away from the cameras?

Relationship status

Over the years, the comedian has remained tight-lipped on his relationship status and it's currently not known whether he is loved up or single.

He has, however, been open about his sexuality.

Joe describes himself as pansexual, which means he is attracted to people of all genders and sexes, after initially coming out as gay in his teens – "then backtracked when I thought I had closed off the market a bit."

His parents have always been "supportive" of his LGBTQ+ status, but his mum "worried I might get more problems in life because of my bisexuality but I think people are more liberal now."

Speaking to the i newspaper in 2016, Joe said: "I say bisexual because it's easy for people to understand but I actually don't quite think it's that.

"Pansexual seems to be the closest thing at this point. In the sense that, what I'm attracted to changes depending on intangible things.

"Sometimes you just look at someone's thighs and think, ‘Oof, God, yeah’, but the other parts don't appeal to you.

"It's not entirely to do with gender – it's to do with where you're at, your upbringing and the kind of person you are. It's really complicated, like life is."

The comedian frequently refers to his pansexuality as part of his stand-up routines but has experienced vile homophobic heckles a few times in his career.

He explained: "When it's happened in gigs I've been so excited by it.

"I get defensive about it because I don't like homophobia but I also don't consider myself to be gay.

"So [it’s a case of] you're wrong but you're so wrong you haven't even touched the surface of how wrong it is. It's a real fish-in-a-barrel opportunity to really kick off."

Birmingham home

Joe regularly takes to his Instagram to update his followers on his gardening progress, alongside showing snippets of his modest Birmingham terraced house.

The comedian's kitchen made headlines when he convinced the Lord Mayor of Birmingham to open his new extension back in 2019.

What started as a joke, led to a public event where Yvonne Mosquito cut the ribbon to mark the end of his home improvement project.

The kitchen itself was also pretty impressive – Joe extended the room length-wise and went for blue and white appliances, with a dark wood floor to complement the colours.

Opting for white countertops, Joe showed off his in-built drinks cabinet and floating shelves all filled with plenty of plants and flowers.

The kitchen backs out onto the comedian’s garden, which was also featured heavily in his Instagram uploads of the ceremony.

Joe's back garden is a little slice of heaven, complete with a neat gravel footpath, primly trimmed plants and flowers, hanging baskets, outdoor furniture and a wooden structure enveloped with foliage.

Other notable interior choices in Joe’s humble abode include a black painted door in his living room area, plain off-white walls, a tall standing lamp and what appears to be a mustard coloured sofa.

In terms of Joe’s tastes, it’s pretty clear the comedian is into a combination of rustic and contemporary, and his garden is clearly a passion.


When he's not on tour with his latest stand-up routine, or filming for his next TV show, Joe has a penchant for all things art, from painting to pottery.

The star has even been known to hold exhibitions of his work, in partnership with his mother, Helen, who is a former graphic designer.

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