ITV boss breaks silence on pulling Noel Clark's Viewpoint from air amid sexual misconduct allegations

ITV boss Kevin Lygo has broken his silence on pulling Noel Clark's Viewpoint from air amid sexual misconduct allegations against the actor.

The drama's finale was axed from schedules back in April after Noel, 45, was accused of sexual misconduct allegations, which he denied.

The broadcaster explained its decision at the time, saying it had a "zero tolerance policy to bullying, harassment and victimisation and robust procedures in place to investigate and deal with any complaints".

Now Kevin has spoken about the situation for the first time during a panel at the Edinburgh TV Festival.

Discussing how the network deals with complaints and what procedures are in place, he said: "I think we can set guidelines to people, you know if there is one complaint against somebody does that mean we can’t work with him, what do we do?

"I think we need to start the dialogue about that, which we are. These things can be difficult.

"Even with Noel Clarke, it was on air at the time, so it was quite a loaded decision. People had watched four episodes and it was the final of a thriller, what do we do? There was much debate."

Explaining why the decision to pull the final episode was taken, he continued: "I took the view, I suppose, that the great glory of being a terrestrial channel is you’re sort of uninvited into people’s homes every night.

"It’s not an enormous choice to go seek out something. So I felt because of that, people might be offended."

The decision was taken to make the final episode available for a limited time on ITV Hub for anyone who had watched the drama the rest of the week.

Kevin added: "All the millions of people who had watched and invested in this, all the 200 people who had worked on it, their work would never be shown because of one man’s alleged bad behaviour.

"So that’s why we made it available on the hub for a short period of time and sort of hedge our bets."

As for what ITV could do to support people going forward, he said: "Obviously that kind of behaviour is intolerable and shouldn’t be allowed. What we have got to do is make it easier for people who experience this kind of behaviour to complain about it, to register it.

"So you need call out lines, helplines and make it clear who they can go to in a protected, safe environment to say somebody’s behaving really badly."

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