ITV Tipping Point fans gobsmacked at players job after huge question blunder

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    Tipping Point viewers have been left in stitches after a contestant's answer tonight (May 24).

    On Wednesday's episode, retired teacher Peter gave the quiz show his best show but seemed to miss an easy question.

    Fans at home thought it was hilarious when the Chester-based player mistook a tomato for a carrot.

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    Host Ben Shephard asked him: "A traditional bolognese sauce is made with minced beef and what pulpy red salad vegetable?"

    To which he responded: "Carrot".

    Ben then corrected him with the right answer which was "Tomato".

    Fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts of the show online, with one writing: "Peter is a retired teacher!"

    A second added: "Carrots?! F***ING CARROTS, PETER?! #TippingPoint"

    While a third penned: "Ah yes, that well-known red vegetable – the carrot #TippingPoint"

    Though one viewer did quip: "I know people who do put carrots in it #tippingpoint"

    A fifth stated: "Peter had a s*** day. And of course, he’s really pulled off the teacher stereotype of not doing well on a quiz show.

    "Although… this bloke named Clive was also a retired teacher… and he made #TippingPoint history by winning the first 20K jackpot. So… yeah."

    Whereas another wrote: "Retired teacher should get a minimum 5 correct #tippingpoint"

    This comes after viewers were left baffled by one of last week's contestants.

    Ben asked a player what a well-known painting was called, which was Van Gogh's 'Starry night'.

    Though the contestant was given the clue that the second word was 'night', he still hilariously replied with the answer 'Sunflowers'.

    Viewers erupted on Twitter, with on writing: "Ye the sunflower night , CLUES IN THE QUESTION YOU TRUMPET! #tippingpoint"

    Another added: "Shannon may win this, but he’s come up with some cracking stupid answers today #tippingpoint"

    Others penned "Sunflower night?! #TippingPoint" and "Sunflower is an adjective??? #tippingpoint"

    Tipping Point airs weekdays on ITV1 and ITVX at 4pm

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