James Martin thanks Strictly Come Dancing for weight loss

James Martin discuss his weight loss

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Chef and TV personality James Martin appeared on the BBC dance competition 16 years ago where he was partnered with Camilla Dallerup and made it through to the final four. On Saturday morning James was joined by Joe McFadden and Sophie Ward who spoke about their upcoming stint in The Mirror Crack’d UK Tour. Whilst discussing Sophie’s past dance experience, talk soon turned to James’ time on Strictly.

Discussing the tour and their past careers, James mentioned: “You have both done the same line of work didn’t you, you crossed over, maybe not at the same time.”

Joe excitedly yelled: “Yeah, on Heartbeat and on Holby City.”

James continued: “What is it? Because we get many many actors on the show, what is it about Holby and Heartbeat that seems, that most of them have been in?”

Sophie expressed: “Well they are very long-running shows,” and Joe explained: “That was the great thing about them.

“They kept so many people in work for so long, and then when they went, when heartbeat went you just thought what a shame that.

“I mean it is on all the time on another channel in the afternoon, but it is never going away which I wasn’t aware of at the time.

“I think if I had known it was going to be on repeat I would have learned my lines a little bit more.”

Showing off his research skills and what he knew about Sophie, James quipped: “You trained as a ballerina as well.”

Impressed, she explained: “You have done your research, I did train as a dancer, and that is what I wanted to do.

“But I got too tall, they measure all your bones, and I wasn’t even that tall at the time, but they can tell how tall you are going to be, and they were just like no, that’s not going to work.”

James laughed: “That never happens on Strictly, no matter what size or shape you are.”

“Well, that’s what I love about it, I love that about it, I watched you every week, but I was every season,” Sophie revealed.

Loving her enthusiasm, Joe laughed: “We will have to get her on it, I am campaigning to get her on it!”

James teased her: “I did it in the days of black and white so you didn’t…” to which Sophie interrupted and asked: “No you were on early… were you?”

“You didn’t do any research on me you see! I’ve got to do all the work on this show, not only do I have to cook for these people, but I have to do all the research as well.

“16 years ago,” he confirmed. Sophie was shocked at how long ago his stint was but added that she did watch him when he was on the show.

James mocked himself: “Yeah, I was a little bit shorter and a little bit fatter then, but anyway,” to which Joe praised: “Not for long.”

Agreeing and looking back on his time, James revealed: “I lost so much weight, four and a half stone it is unbelievable.”

Joe, who appeared on the show in 2017 and was paired with Katya Jones, said: “Every piece of food that I was coming into contact with I was eating it because otherwise you just disappear.”

James Martin Saturday Morning airs Saturday from 9:25am on ITV.

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