Judge Approves $17 Million Settlement for Harvey Weinstein Accusers

The victims’ fund will be divided among over 50 claimants

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A federal bankruptcy judge approved on Monday a settlement plan with the bankrupt Weinstein Company that will create a $17.1 million fund for Harvey Weinstein’s victims.

“This bankruptcy plan guarantees that Harvey Weinstein’s survivors will have the opportunity to be heard in a safe and confidential process. Although there will never be enough compensation or redress to right these wrongs, we’re immeasurably honored to represent our brave and resilient clients who, in the face of adverse rulings, continued to advocate for a fund for all survivors,” Beth Fegan, a lead attorney representing some of the claimants, told TheWrap in a statement. “This plan truly leverages the voices of survivors, and as evidenced by the majority support of the settlement, we’re heartened to have reached a solution that empowers each woman to do what is right for her.”

The victims’ fund will be divided among over 50 claimants and will resolve most of the sexual assault and harassment claims against the former producer, who is currently serving out a 23-year prison sentence in New York.

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