Kardashian fans slam ‘desperate’ mom Kim after she threw daughter North, 9, under the bus in ‘cringe’ new TikTok | The Sun

KARDASHIAN fans have slammed Kim as 'desperate' after she claimed her daughter North West made her upload her latest TikTok.

Kim, 42, shocked her followers when she shared a new clip of herself applying heavy make-up as she transformed into a "chav" – which is the British equivalent of American trailer trash.

When one fan shared the video on Twitter and wrote alongside it: "This is the last thing I thought Kim Kardashian would do on tiktok," Kim replied: "Me too! The bribes and bet losing I have going on with North is unreal!"

But now, others have criticized the reality TV star for using her nine-year-old daughter as the excuse for why she uploaded the video on their shared TikTok account.

Sharing the tweet on Reddit, one person said: "Kim definitely knows when she is getting slam especially on Twitter! I know Kim be reading those comments low-key."

Others were quick to comment on the post as one person said: "Omg the 'north made me do it' is so cringe, it’s like when you’re in primary school and back out of something embarrassing you sent by pulling the 'my friend sent that' card."

Another person replied: "Lol so true. She’s done this a few times to make excuses for why she’s culturally appropriated, as well. 'North made me'."

A third Reddit user pointed out: "Reminds me of ‘North posted this pic of me by accident while playing games on my phone’," while a fourth added: "I honestly think she did that video bc she’s now realized that she needs to do those kind of things to stay relevant."

Someone else commented: "So cringe. She just needs to make her own account and stop using her daughter for relevancy."

And a different person claimed: "She’s using the North excuse when really she is realizing that she isn’t current and needs to stay relevant. Don’t know why else she would put this on IG stories lol."

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Referring to the family's Hulu show The Kardashians, another person accused: "Because they don’t have content for their next season so 'Kim and north start a betting/prank war' is what we are getting."

A rather harsh critic simply wrote: "This is what desperation looks like."

The comments come after fans claimed Kim had 'zero personality' in a different video that she uploaded, where her daughter North was also absent.

The 15-second clip showed the camera swaying from side to side while Kim caught up with her text messages.

The video has already racked up 380.7k likes while Kim has recently decided to allow comments on her account for the first time.

But many fans had some unsavory things to say about the TV icon’s new content.

“Why does someone with zero personality think it's okay to make TikToks?” snarked one social media user.

“Why did I keep waiting for something to happen?” posted another.

A third suggested: “I just know she thought it was so hilarious and relatable.”

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