Kate Garraway says its amazing to have Derek home after coronavirus heartache

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Kate Garraway has opened up about her husband Derek Draper's return to the family home after after spending a year in hospital fighting the effects of coronavirus

The 53-year-old presenter chatted to co-stars Ben Shephard and Ranvir Singh via a video link to give an update on her husband's health after he returned home from hospital on Wednesday.

She explained that Derek is still receiving around-the-clock care from carers while he recovers at home surrounded by Kate and their two young children Darcey, 14, and 11-year-old Billy.

"There's been a lot of discussion since Christmas because it is a very unique situation," Kate said.

"There have been improvements since Autumn and there are more things he can do now but it felt as if everything had stalled medical wise.

"We couldn't visit him in hospital due to the coronavirus restrictions, so taking that into account, they said let's get him home safely and see how he is being in the family home."

The broadcaster went on to share the emotional moment Darcey and Billy were reunited with their father as he finally returned home.

Kate added: "As we pulled up, I could see these two little faces, Darcey and Billy, in the window and they ran and opened the door and he immediately bursted into tears.

"He knew he was home. he is responding and is aware where he is.

"There's has been so many lovely little moments. We managed to get him around the table. for dinner which was amazing."

Kate joked: "Bllly was like 'have we got enough mash' but he was remembering his dad's old portions.

Viewers rushed to their keyboards to share supportive messages for Kate following the news that Derek is now recovering at home.

Taking to Twitter, one fan penned: "Delighted to hear Derek Draper is to continue his recovery at home. Haven’t stopped thinking about him and his family all year."

Another added: "Very happy to hear that Kate’s husband is coming back home. All the best to her and her family."

While a third person posted: "Good news for the family.

Lets hope this helps to speed up Derek's recovery."

A fourth viewer wrote: "This is great news so happy for Kate and the family. I wish Derek the best for his recovery."£

"This has genuinely mad my Friday so happy for Kate and the kids and derek, onwards and upwards," a fifth social media user said.

Derek, was admitted to the intensive care unit with coronavirus in March of last year, with the disease severely damaging several internal organs.

In his absence, Kate renovated their property to ensure it would accommodate Derek in his condition, fitting their home with ramps and widened their doorways.

Kate opened up about the extensive home renovations in the ITV documentary Finding Derek, which saw her detail her husband's ordeal as he fights to recover from the impact of the virus.

She explained: "We are planning for ground-floor living, presuming he will be on a stretcher or in a wheelchair."

Kate added she would "sleep downstairs on a put-me-up bed" to remain close to her husband upon his long-awaited return.

Derek has come a long way in the last 12 months, having been placed in an induced coma while in the intensive care unit last spring.

Though the father of two has regained consciousness and is now able to communicate, the virus has caused blood clots in his lungs, leaving him diabetic with damage to his liver and pancreas.

His health journey has astounded doctors, who previously revealed the infection in Derek's lungs were the highest they had seen throughout the pandemic.

Over the past year, Kate has been dedicated to sharing her story with others to raise awareness, evening writing a soon-to-be-released book on the subject.

Kate Garraway: The Power of Hope is set for release later this month.

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