Katie Price says son Harvey doesn't understand why he can't go to school in lockdown

KATIE Price has revealed her eldest son Harvey "doesn't understand" why he cannot go to school during the third coronavirus lockdown.

The 18-year-old is partially blind, autistic and has Prader-Willi syndrome, and he lives at a residential school.

But with the schools closing, Harvey has been forced to stay at home with his mum, and she shared his concerns as she showed off the alphabet drawings he had created.

"Unfortunately he doesn't understand why he can't go to school so I asked him to do something for me to put on Instagram as he loves the praise he gets and when I read your messages," the mum-of-five shared alongside the pictures and video.

In the video, Katie said: "Mr Price, tell everyone what you have done here. Look at that what you've done. 

"That's the alphabet and you drew pictures for everything that goes with it! Do you know how amazing you are?"

Harvey replied: 'Yes mummy," but Katie continued to praise her eldest son: "No seriously Harv, do you know how proud you make your mum? Really, really proud of you Price!"

This latest video comes after the mum-of-five exclusively told The Sun this week how she is taking a pregnancy supplement to step up her journey to have a baby with boyfriend Carl Woods.

Katie told us she’s not pregnant but is now tracking her ovulation dates and taking folic acid as she didn't fall pregnant after trying over Christmas.

"I’m not pregnant yet so I’ve started taking these supplements – they were recommended by a friend,” Katie exclusively told The Sun.

“I’ve never had to take anything to try and get pregnant before but I'm obviously older now so I need a bit of help – I'm desperate for another baby.”

Katie set tongues wagging on the weekend when posted a picture of a bottle of folic acid to her Instagram stories, saying it's "that time".

She has been very open about wanting a baby with her new boyfriend Carl, 31.

Folic acid is known to help prevent birth defects and the NHS recommends people who can get pregnant should take a "folic acid tablet every day before you're pregnant and until you're 12 weeks pregnant".

Katie is also mum to tenagers Junior and Princess, whom she welcomed with ex-husband Peter Andre, and Bunny and Jett, whom she welcomed with Kieran Hayler.

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