Katie Prices sister Sophie reduced to tears over bad memories at Mucky Mansion

Katie Price's sister Sophie was left in floods of tears as she recalled some of the "bad memories" at the Mucky Mansion.

The 32-year-old sibling of the glamour model explained there had been times where she dreaded coming to the house.

Sophie explained to camera on Katie's Channel 4 home makeover programme that she had been frightened about what she may find on each visit to see her sister.

It wasn't just Sophie who shared the same feelings – their mum Amy Price shared mutual thoughts on the matter of her daughter's home.

When recalling some of the bad memories Sophie couldn't hold back her emotion as the tears began to stream.

She said to camera: "Sorry, there's just been some really f***ing sad times here.

"I used to hate this house, coming up here. All of us did."

The reality star's younger sibling went on: "It's just because it's full of bad memories and just crap and you can tell when you walk in if she's in a good place or not, by the way the house used to be.

"Ohh I sound like such a drip crying over wallpaper don't I," she added, "sorry".

Amy and Sophie had teamed up together to help Katie recreate the "garden room".

While Katie had been sceptical about her mum and sister's involvement she wanted to allow them the freedom to run wild as she wanted a "sentimental" room.

The mum-of-five commented that her mum Amy might not have long left to live, due to her serious condition idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

Katie explained the room could be the "last thing" Amy does for her and so she wanted her mum to put her own stamp on one room in the house so that she could cherish it.

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