Kristen Stewart is the only saving grace in misfire of a film Seberg – The Sun

IN this true story, Kristen Stewart plays the relatively unknown (to this critic at least) Jean Seberg – an actress whose life is thrown to the lions when she becomes a civil rights sympathiser in the late 1960s.

The FBI target her, revealing her love affair with Malcolm X’s cousin Hakim Jamal (Avengers’ Anthony Mackie), escalating their harassment and surveillance to such an extent she doesn’t know her up from her down.

Nowadays this would be an international scandal, which makes the story all the more tragic.

Sadly, the tantalising tale and interesting themes are left largely under-developed.

Stewart is the only saving grace in this misfire of a film – she really does own the screen.

It’s just a shame the ­makers don’t do her, or the legacy of Jean Seberg, ­justice.

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