'Law & Order: SVU' Guest Star Brooke Shields Jokes Her Character Should 'Be Released From Jail' for Benson-Stabler Reunion

The long-awaited Benson-Stabler reunion is almost here, and to say Law & Order: SVU fans are pumped about seeing Mariska Hargitay (Olivia Benson) and Christopher Meloni (Elliot Stabler) together again would be an understatement. That includes one-time SVU guest star Brooke Shields. The actor expressed her feelings about seeing the pair team up once more in an Instagram comment that had fans of the show laughing hysterically. 

Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni reunite on set of ‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ 

Fans have known for months that Meloni would be reprising his role as Stabler in a new spinoff series, Law & Order: Organized Crime. While a premiere date hasn’t been announced, on Jan. 26, viewers got evidence that production was underway when both Meloni and Hargitay shared behind-the-scenes photos from the Organized Crime set. 

“It’s all happening…,” captioned her Instagram post, which included a photo of a pair of director’s chairs bearing Benson and Stabler’s names. 

“Hey. L&O:OC… we workin on it,” Meloni wrote in his post. 

Meloni will also make an appearance as Stabler in an upcoming episode of Law & Order: SVU. In December 2020, showrunner Warren Leight tweeted a screengrab of a virtual table read that included the actor.  

‘SVU’ guest star Brooke Shields is ready for the Benson-Stabler reunion 

After Hargitay shared photos from the set of Law & Order: Organized Crime, fans commented to express their excitement about the new show. Among them was Brooke Shields, who had a memorable arc on SVU as Sheila, the biological grandmother of Benson’s adopted son Noah.

Benson initially fostered Noah after he rescuing him from child pornographers; later, she formally adopted him. Sheila came into Benson and Noah’s life after both his parents were killed. Despite some initial reservations, Benson allowed her to spend time with her grandson. But Sheila was actually plotting to kidnap Noah. After he was snatched from a store, Benson and the SVU team tracked down Noah and arrested Sheila.

Shields referenced her character’s story when responding to the news that production had started on Organized Crime.

“I better be released from jail for this one!,” she wrote. 

‘SVU’ fans loved Brooke Shields’ comment 

Shields’ comment delighted loyal SVU viewers, with many replying with the tears of joy emoji or declaring it the “best comment ever.” Several people got behind the idea that Shields should make another appearance on the show as Sheila. 

“In all seriousness, I need to Shelia Porter to resurface!” one replied. “Free Sheila,” wrote several other commenters. 

But others thought Sheila needed to stay where she belonged — behind bars.  

“Girl, no, your character is crazy. She might have to escape,” another person commented. 

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