Leeds strangler could have killed another victim according to new show

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The revelation comes In The Footsteps of Killers on Channel 4 next week when a team led by Criminologist David Wilson and actress Emilia Fox investigate the cold case murder in 1996 of Deborah Wood.

After a night drinking in Big Lil’s pub in Leeds, Wood vanished. 

Her burning body was found two weeks later at a local train station. 

Professor Wilson told the Sunday Express exclusively: “We interviewed the pub’s head doorman Allan Moss and manager Garth Durkin from Big Lil’s. 

“They identified both John Taylor, and victim Deborah Wood who they said were regulars at the pub.

“They also said they were not interviewed at the time by police.

“I was surprised that nobody seems to have been interviewed at Big Lil’s, which was the last place that Deborah was seen at. And I was equally shocked when I learned that both Deborah and John Taylor were regulars, and knew each other from the pub.

“I asked Garth and Allan, ‘Would John Taylor have known Deborah Woods? They said, ‘Yes’.”

Professor Wilson, is now “urging” West Yorkshire police to interview Taylor about this unsolved crime.

Taylor is currently serving two life sentences for the murder of 16-year-old schoolgirl Leanne Tiernan who disappeared in November 2000 while walking alone less than a mile from where she lived in Bramley, Leeds.

The search for her body was the largest West Yorkshire had ever seen, with a three-mile stretch of the canal drained and rubbish collections halted. 

Eight months later her body was found by a walker in North Yorkshire. 

“In the case of Deborah Wood,” said Wilson, “her brother Craig, whom we interviewed for the show, came to the show himself, after trying to get justice for years.

“Often this series has been the last throw of the dice for the families of these victims.” 

In the Footsteps of Killers, Channel 4, Thurs, 10pm.

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