‘Looks ridiculous!’ The Bay viewers call out error in ITV drama

The Bay: Police officer uses sign language to speak to Jamal

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The Bay returned with a new series on Wednesday night. The ITV crime drama follows newcomer DS Jenn Townsend (played by Marsha Thomason) as looks into a suspicious death in the area. After a body was discovered tied to a buoy in the bay, an investigation quickly gets underway. While many viewers were hooked by the gripping plot, others were left distracted by the appearance of one character in particular. Taking to Twitter, some fans complained an actor playing a teenager looked too old for the part.

DS Townsend had the difficult task of breaking the news of Saif Rahman’s death to some of his family members.

When she reached his house, she met Saif’s mother who explained he had two brothers.

However, when viewers discovered Saif’s younger brother Jamal Rahman (Nadeem Islam) was a sixth form student many questioned his age.

While the character is supposed to be a teenager, some fans suggested he looked much older.

Taking to Twitter many viewers called out the ITV drama for the casting choice.

“#TheBay Jamal looks about 40!” @suzysasha wrote.

“Bad casting… how old is Jamal if in same class as that other lad #TheBay,” @pink42 commented.

“Jamal looks ridiculous in a school uniform #thebay,” @bestchester276 added.

@ironopolis remarked: “Looks like Jamal picked up his pension before school #TheBay.”

“Jamal is the only boy at high school with a wife, mortgage and two kids he’s putting through uni. #thebay,” @Ockeghem1497 joked.

Meanwhile, other viewers praised The Bay for casting Nadeem, who is deaf, in the role.

Many were pleased to see deaf representation in the crime drama series.

“Great to see deaf representation on mainstream TV with the inclusion of sign language too! #TheBay,” @PurpleElll commented.

“#TheBay so happy to see the deaf being noticed and getting a chance to act!!! Amazing to see BSL too!!!” @LisaM_Catchpole enthused.

Nadeem recently spoke out about deaf representation on-screen and his role in The Bay.

The actor said: “It’s so important to have deaf representation in mainstream TV.

“Right now, there’s about 900,000 deaf people out there in the UK,” he explained.

Nadeem continued: “You need to have that representation for deaf people, and it’s fantastic.

“To have deaf people in the story, it’s amazing. It’s great to have that there,” he told Radio Times.

The Bay airs Wednesdays at 9pm on ITV.

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