Loose Women fans furious as ITV stars show off ‘filthy’ face masks live on-air

Loose Women fans were not impressed by one segment on today's show, as certain panelists showed off their face masks live on-air.

Andrea McLean was joined by Saira Khan, Kelle Bryan and Janet Street-Porter on the show, discussing their face mask cleaning habits.

Reading off statistics, Andrea was horrified to reveal that 15% of those studied had confessed to "never" cleaning their face masks, despite government advice to the contrary.

Kelle admitted she had only recently cleaned her mask, claiming the fabric had been "rank" before she ran it through the washing machine.

Janet similarly admitted to refusing to clean her mask, saying: “My dog sat on mine and I'm still here."

The ITV star then added she hasn't cleaned it since the incident with her dog, arguing: "Mine smells of dog and it smells nice."

Joining the conversation, Saira then waved her own face mask around, which was visibly coated in makeup smears on the inner lining.

Over on Twitter, viewers weren't pleased by the conversation, as they pointed out unhygienic mask practices can increase the spread of Covid.

Similarly, viewers felt the fact that the panellists had been blasting Health Secretary Matt Hancock moments previously, over his decision not to wear a mask in a chauffeur-driven car, seemed a little hypocritical.

One fumed: "How proud you all are to have filthy masks. Unbelievable."

"OMG ladies your filthy germ ridden face masks! You can go right off people you know," wrote a second.

"Absolutely disgusted to hear that @loosewomen dont wash/change their face masks daily. And that they find this amusing.

"Dont moan about Covid measures when you cant follow that one simple instruction," agreed a third.

And a fourth wrote: "@loosewomen you have just ranted about Matt Hancock not wearing a mask

"Yet you admit to handling your dirty mask's when going out in public probably touching things after your dirty mask and you wonder why Corvid19 is still spreading."

Daily Star Online has contacted Loose Women for comment.

Loose Women airs on weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV

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