Love Is Blind star sparks uproar after falling asleep during date

Love Is Blind: Netflix announces release date for season 4

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One couple who quickly hit things off in the Love Is Blind pods during the fourth season’s very first episode on Netflix was 37-year-old recruiter Tiffany and 36-year-old design director Brett. So much so that by the end of the premiere, the two looked set to declare their love and propose in order to finally meet one another. But as Brett began to do so, things quickly took a turn.

“I came here to find a wife,” Brett told the cameras ahead of his date with Tiffany.

He continued: “With Tiffany, something about this just feels right. What are the chances that something comes along that actually kind of changes your life?”

Brett added: “Tiffany’s just an amazing woman and I can’t wait to spend the future with her.”

As the two entered the pods for what Brett presumed would be their final date as singletons, Tiffany was overwhelmed when he’d gifted her a small white shoe.

Brett explained is one of the first models he’d designed and it symbolised just how much Tiffany meant to him.

An emotional Tiffany told Brett she was “inspired” by him before admitting she was falling in love with her co-star.

But as Brett began to open up about his feelings, describing them as a “perfect match”, he realised something was amiss.

“Are you there? Hello?” Brett said as his eyes scanned across the room, only for the cameras to reveal Tiffany had nodded off.

Brett was left with his head in his hands before he got to his feet and put his jacket on before letting out a big sigh and making his way out of the pod. 

As he arrived back with the boys, a fuming Brett explained all and described it as “fumbling at the one-yard line”, before exclaiming: “I’m done!”

Needless to say, Love Is Blind fans were left stunned at Tiffany falling asleep at such a pivotal moment and took to Twitter to vent.

Love Is Blind fan @StephonJS87 said: “Damn Tiffany fell asleep on Brett. I bet he feels ghosted. #LoveIsBlind.”

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While @TopeTops sympathised with Brett, raging: “How do you fall asleep like that #LoveIsBlind?”

Meanwhile, @Blexican6974 weighed in: “Holy s**t! She fell asleep while he was declaring his love????? Lord. #LoveIsBlind #LoveisBlind4.”

And @leebee4life hit out: “I was rooting for Tiffany and Brett until that lady fell asleep on him. Girl, what?? #LoveIsBlind #LoveIsBlind4.”

However, @lacibeaslee defended the Love Is Blind star by saying: ”Aww, poor Tiffany!? She was just so excited to talk to Brett even though she was so tired. I know some of y’all used to talk to your crush on the phone and was so excited to talk but so tired and you just fall asleep on the phone. Give my girl a break! #loveisblind #loveisblind4.” (sic)

Speaking to EW following the premiere, Tiffany did explain why she ended up nodding off as she said: “Just to take you back to that moment, it was a long day. It’s hours and hours of conversations. 

“And I’m not a nighttime person. I saw it as like, ‘Oh, let me just rest my eyes for a second,’ and unfortunately I passed out, which I really regret during that exact moment. 

“To this day, I still don’t know what Brett was saying to me in the pods, so I’m eagerly awaiting to view that moment to see how he professes love to me. 

“Or even if he did, I don’t know,” she added.

Love Is Blind season 4 part 1 is available to stream on Netflix now. 

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