Love Island 2019: Viewers in turmoil over ‘missing’ segment after dumping twist

Danny Williams and Jourdan Riane were dumped from the Love Island villa after receiving the fewest votes from viewers.

However, there was a twist in store as another couple also faced an exit from the ITV2 show.

Along with Danny and Jourdan, Amy Hart and Curtis Pritchard, Lucie Donlan and George Rains were in the bottom three.

But after Danny and Jourdan made their exit it was revealed another couple would have to go and that the decision would be made by the remaining Islanders.

However, before it was revealed who got the chop, the show cut to the credits and ended on a cliffhanger.

There was one notable absence on the show as viewers did not get a look at the action that would be unfolding in tomorrow’s episode.

The end of each episode usually sees viewers get a glimpse at what will happen next but due to the twist, that did’t happen.

Some fans were disappointed by this and took to Twitter to comment.

One questioned: “Where was the ‘TOMORROW NIGHT’ #loveisland.”

“Not even a ‘tomorrow night’ segment…. damn #loveisland,” a second added.

“A third asked: “Why didn’t they show the tomorrow night part at the end of each episode? #loveisland.”

“Why on earth did #LoveIsland not end with a “tomorrow night” bit?!” a fourth exclaimed.

“Why’ve you got to leave the country on a cliffhanger like that for?? Bring on tomorrow the anticipation is killing me,” a fifth shared.

While a sixth observed: “I’m dying loveisland just pulled a real EASTENDERS on us with that cliffhanger #LoveIsland #loveisland.”

There were emotional scenes on the programme as many of the contestants were in tears as Danny and Jourdan left.

Danny had caused some controversy during his time in the villa, as his decision to couple up with Arabella Chi saw fan favourite Yewande Biala booted off the show.

However, upon his exit, Danny confirmed he had “no regrets” about his time in the villa.

“I have absolutely no regrets,” he said. “I made mistakes for sure but I’m grateful for all the ups and downs because it led me to where I am today and I am a happy man.”

Danny added: “Anything I wanted to say, I feel like I said it in the moment. I apologised for things that I did wrong.”

Love Island continues tomorrow at 9pm on ITV2.

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