Love Island fans can’t believe Casa Amor new boy Ched is 23 and claim he’s ‘more like 35’ – The Sun

LOVE Island fans aren’t convinced that new boy Ched Uzor is only 23 years old – and believe he looks much older.

The scaffolder from Suffolk entered Casa Amor this week and got viewers talking due to his very muscly physique, his interesting chat-up technique, but mainly for his supposed age.

Taking to Twitter one person wrote: “How the hell is this Ched guy only 23?!?? ”

Another added: “It’s been 12 hours and I still don’t understand how ched is 23?!?! In dog years ?”

While a third remarked: “Who is love island trying to fool ched is not 23 that guy is at least 35 WTF.”

Others were interested to see his birth certificate, with one fan tweeting:  “I know they lost Ched’s birth certificate. There’s no way this big mon is only 23.”

During last night’s show Ched made a move on Jess Gale but seemed a little lost for words.

When quizzed by Jess about why he liked her, he replied:  “Do you know what, like, you know when you, like, your, like, a blonde girl, do you know what I mean ?”

Bemused by his reply,  Jess told him: "Well observed."

Despite his comments Jess still seemed rather taken with him and seems set to ditch Mike for him.

Mike meanwhile seems to have completely forgotten about Jess in Casa Amor and has been cracking onto Priscilla.

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