Love Island fans in uproar after they spot McDonald’s McFlurry in the villa

Viewers are used to seeing the Islanders snacking on ice pops and cheese toasties, which is why they were left scratching their heads over a surprise item in the fridge. 

Eagle-eyed Love Island fans spotted a contraband tub of McFlurrys ice cream in the fridge on Monday night’s episode. 

Housemate Ovie Soko went to fetch his hat from the freezer, explaining that chilling it overnight kept his head cool.  

But when he pulled the door open, a half-eaten red carton of the dessert could be seen for a split second. 

Heading straight to Twitter, viewers questioned what the ice cream was doing there, seeing as Islanders are forbidden to leave the villa. 

One said: “Sorry? Am I seeing a McFlurry in the fridge?”

A second added: “There’s a McFlurry in the fridge on Love Island? Are they allowed out on Saturdays?”

And a third asked: “Am I the only one that noticed but is that a fucking MCFLURRY? How the f***?”

While a fourth remarked: “Who doesn’t finish a McFlurry and SAVES IT FOR LATER.”

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, former contestant Kady McDermott revealed that the Islanders could request food that they were craving while on lock-down in the villa.

The 23-year-old reality star said: “They used to give us a dessert after every lunch and every dinner, and the cake was unreal, and we could request food if we wanted.”

That might explain the mystery McFlurry, as it could have been a special delivery for an Islander hankering after a cool treat. 

Seeing as the contestants eat off-camera, it makes sense that viewers wouldn’t see them eating big portions on the show.  

The Islanders have their meals cooked and served for them, and they eat with their microphones off for technical reasons. 

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