Love Island fans mortified over sexual content on latest episode of reality show

Love Island fans have been left mortified as they claimed to have watched "soft porn" on Tuesday's (June 28) episode.

One Twitter user said: "I’m having a bad day cause Michael Owen just watched his teenage daughter perform soft porn on live television."

A second commented: "Literally just watched half an hour of soft core porn", while a third added: "Get this soft porn off my screen and skip to the drama pls."

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A fourth exclaimed: "Love island is coming like Porn Hub tonight."

Former football star Michael Owen reacted to his daughter Gemma Owen sucking Luca Bish's finger, taking to Twitter minutes after the 19-year-old, appeared on the ITV2 dating show wearing a black thong bodysuit as part of a sexy challenge, posting an emoji of a face with two hands covering the eyes.

The raunchy dancing scenes in the live ITV show prompted one viewer to state: "So we all just out here watching the same porn at 9.43pm on a Tuesday huh," while another added: "I need a moment of silence after that challenge… can't wait to read the Ofcom complaints that was basically soft core porn."

Another noted: "What’s with all the finger sucking? This years challenge is definitely a soft porn show after all of that other people hearts will be racing," while one fan stressed: "The lap dance challenge is basically soft porn this year."

More Love Island contestants were named as fans of the show tweeted their comments, with one writing: "PAIGE AND TASHA! This ain’t love island anymore this is straight porn."

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Another commented: "This episode is so boring actually it was just literally soft porn and Tasha having a crisis for literally no reason," as a fellow fan added: "Davide eating her ass. Is this porn."

Another pointed out: "I swear I just watched soft porn watching Dami do that to Indiyah," with one viewer adding: "There’s porn less explicit than what Paige and Jacques just did."

However, not all viewers were put off. One said: "Soft porn on my TV screen rn, I ain’t complaining," while a mutual fan exclaimed: "Everything looks like a bad porn scenario and I love it."


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