Love Island Faye ‘didn’t overreact in sweary tirade at Teddy and could win show’

Love Island’s Anna Vakili says that she thinks Faye didn't “overreact” in her explosive argument with Teddy.

Former contestant Anna Vakili, who appeared on the ITV2 dating show in 2019, has offered her views on the latest antics from inside the villa.

She said it was clear that Faye regretted her actions and that she was in “self-sabotage” mode when she erupted at Teddy after seeing a clip of him flirting with Clarisse.

Anna, who is Daily Star's Love Island columnist, explained her opinion on the fiery showdown between the couple.

In her column she said: “The Faye and Teddy argument has really shaken things up inside the villa and outside – it seems there's been a public divide!

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“Personally, I don’t condone the way Faye spoke to Teddy at all but it's clear now that she really does regret it.

She went on to add: “It’s very obvious that Faye has a lot of trust issues from previous relationships so any sign of anything other than perfect she goes into complete self-sabotage mode as she said herself.

“But I think Teddy is a good one – even after the whole drama from the other night he’s still all for Faye & clearly sees something that a lot of the public haven’t had chance to see.”

Anna admitted that she herself is “fiery” and so could understand Faye’s explosive reaction.

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“I can't say I think she overreacted because I’m a fiery one myself so if I felt like I’d been mugged off – it would have triggered me massively.

"And in that villa is like a pressure cooker – the slightest thing can blow up faster than a bottle of fizz.”

As for the emotional reunion between the couple, Anna said: “I actually couldn’t look when they were having the chat at the firepit – for a second I thought he was going to say it was over completely then he pulled it back & the whole nation (well, half of the nation) celebrated.”

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“Faye really does need someone like Teddy to treat her like a queen & realise that ‘all men aren’t the same;– could they still win it? I think so!

“I think she’ll definitely have to face up to a lot of questions when she gets out but at least she’s acknowledged her behaviour was wrong & owned up to it.”

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