Love Island hunk Kai Fagan warned to ‘run’ after fans spot major ‘red flag’

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    Love Island fans have warned TV hunk Kai Fagan after blonde bombshell Tanyel Revan said she wanted to “throw something” at him while he was talking to Anna-May Robey.

    During Thursday’s visit (January 19) to the South African villa, tensions started to rise between the Islanders after two new bombshells entered the villa.

    After David Salako and Zara Deniz Lackenby-Brown settled into the luxury mansion, the hair stylist was quick to pull her partner over and discuss her feelings after spotting him chatting to the payroll administrator.

    As they sat together on the beanbags, Tanyel admitted: “You didn’t do anything wrong, but I actually got really jealous and I don’t like it.

    “This is what I wanted to talk to you about, it really annoyed me that you spoke to someone else, that obviously shows me that I like you. Like, I wanted to throw something at you.”

    Following their conversation, Kai heads to the Beach Hut and says: "I think she's realised that it's not going to be as plain sailing as she thought it was going to be, I think she realised that she actually really likes me."

    After listening to her shocking admission, fans soon flooded to Twitter to warn the eligible bachelor about the hairdresser’s “red flag” online.

    One user penned: “Now why would Tanyel say all that on Day 3?? That is terrifying that she would be so jealous to the point she would throw something wtf? Kai needs to run [two crying emojis] #LoveIsland.”

    Another agreed: “I still can’t get over how forceful Tanyel was when speaking to Kai [crying emoji] #Lovesland” while a third chimed in with: “Tanyel is unhinged, because what was that? [two crying emojis] #LoveIsland.”

    It didn't take long before Tanyel set her sights on another Islander as she pulled Ron for a chat where she asked where his head was at.

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