Love Island Lana heartbreak ‘sealed’ as fans predict newbie Ellie will pick Ron

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    Love Island fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts on who bombshell Ellie Spence would couple up with.

    The majority of fans suggested that Ellie would set her sights on financial advisor Ron Hall, despite him already being coupled up with Lana Jenkins.

    Ellie joined the villa during the recoupling in Wednesday night's episode with vibrator salesman Spencer Wilks.

    Ellie and Spencer will get to pick who'd they like to couple up with before the boys choose which girls they'd like to be with.

    As the episode ended on a cliffhanger, fans will have to wait for the next episode to find out which boy Ellie has chosen but so far, some are hoping it'll be Ron.

    "I hope Ellie picks Ron. I want to see blonde VS blond," one wrote.

    "I want Ellie to choose Ron and give the same energy as when Georgia stole Kem and scattered the whole show #loveisland," a second put.

    A third wrote: "Won’t lie Ellie and Ron will get along I think #LoveIsland."

    "The new girl is definitely picking Ron," a fourth tweeted.

    Ellie was first introduced to viewers on day one when fans got to choose whether they wanted to send Tom Clare or Ellie into the villa as the first bombshell.

    Since Ellie failed to get enough votes, Tom went in instead and coupled up with Olivia Hawkins and soon after, Zara Lackenby-Brown, causing a fiery love triangle just one week into the show.

    Fans had speculated over Ellie's whereabouts, having been shown her promo video on social media. Her Instagram page remained quiet as her sister informed fans that she failed to make the vote.

    In Wednesday's episode, viewers met the 25-year-old from Norwich again, and this time she's ready to bring "drama, fun and a bit of unpredictability to the South African villa.

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