Love Island star Zara Lackenby-Brown claims she was ‘set up to fail…

Love Island’s Zara says she was ‘set up to fail’

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Ousted Love Island contestant Zara Lackenby-Brown has claimed that she was “set up to fail” during a villa challenge. During a dare challenge, the reality star was tasked with selecting the two islanders she felt were the fakest. However, having chosen Olivia Hawkins as one of the pair she has acknowledged that, “you can’t win in those situations”.

Zara became the fourth contestant voted off the show after lasting just a fortnight.

She found herself booted out of the villa as the boys were tasked with recoupling.

When the male Islanders selected who they would like to couple up with, she found herself out in the cold, thanks to the late arrival of Samie Elishi, whose presence had shaken things up.

Now, with the final of the show imminent, she has been speaking out about her time on the ITV reality show.

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She explained that having already marked Ron Hall as fake, she found her second selection more difficult.

The star admitted she felt her next choice needed to be a girl and that she wasn’t comfortable picking the new additions, as she hadn’t had time to get to know them.

She and Hawkins knew each other prior to joining the cast and she claimed that she gave her a “cute” glance, which she interpreted as permission to choose her.

“I was like ‘Babe, you know this is not serious’, and I gave her a kiss and she took it so personally and I felt isolated…” she said during an appearance on the Reality with Will Njobvu podcast.

“You can’t win in those situations. You’re kind of set up to fail. There was a lot with that they didn’t show,” she continued.

Tensions had been high between the pair ever since Olivia had dared to snog the Islanders that she felt were most attracted to her.

One of her choices was Tom Clare, who, at the time, was coupled up with Zara.

She later pulled Tom aside for a chat and refused to divulge the details to a frustrated Zara.

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However, despite her previous shenanigans, Hawkins was not impressed to be selected for the task.

“I’m actually not two-faced I’m very straight up,” she hit out after Zara kissed her on the cheek to indicate her choice.

Later on in that episode, Olivia still wasn’t over it, reiterating to the girls that she is “far from two-faced.”

She added that she thought Zara was “calculated” and said she named her for “a reaction”.

Olivia lasted on the island a month longer than Zara but was sent home alongside beau Maxwell Samuda last week.

Since leaving the show Zara has begun a relationship with fellow Love Island alum Jordan Odofin who was also a guest on the podcast.

Although he entered the villa after Zara had been sent home, they have since embarked on a romance after meeting outside the villa. This was confirmed by Zara who confirmed “Yeah, we’re dating” as Jordan nodded and agreed when asked by host Will. has contacted ITV for comment.


Love Island is on ITV2 nightly at 9pm. The final takes place this coming Monday March 18th.

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