Love Island stars detail horrible messages and death threats

Love Island star tackles body shaming

Former Love Island star Amy Hart reflected on her time on Love Island, admitting she was sent death threats after her stint on the show.

She shared: “I didn’t really take into account when I went into the villa that although my best friend was really excited to run my social media account.

“It was me that signed up to do the show, not my family and not my friends. But it was them that had to read the death threats and it was them that had to read the horrible messages.

“Whereas when I came out, I came out to a great reaction because of the way that I left, and they were the ones who had a hard time when I was in there.”

She added: “The Welfare team were really supportive after I left. I also had a lot of therapy with the Therapist I had in the villa, so it was lovely to have that continuation of care, and ITV were really supportive of that.”

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Series 8 finalist Tasha Ghouri also shared her experience, as she explained: “I think this is great and needs to be done. I believe it’s 100 percent the right step in the right direction, I could see there was a lot less trolling and negativity.”

On the show’s welfare procedures, Series 7 winner Liam Reardon said: “I found the welfare chats helpful as it gave us a chance to have a small break from villa life and being able to talk to someone off camera.

“It was nice to speak to someone every few days who wasn’t in the villa and who were there to just listen or offer advice.

“The psychiatrists were a big help too for when times got a little hard.”

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Over the years, there have been many success stories that have come out of the Love Island villa.

However, there have also been some tragedies that have occurred due to the contestants and their families being trolled.

During the winter season of Love Island back in February, the producers decided that the contestant’s social media pages should be left alone and comments turned off for their family’s safety.

Making sure that the contestant’s mental health was a priority, Love Island producers have released their duty of care ahead of the new season.

The contestants heading into the villa will be offered a full package of measures to ensure they remain supported prior to, during, and after the filming period on the show

Again, all participants will be asked to pause their social media for the duration of the time on the show, to ensure that both the Islanders and their families are protected from the adverse effects of social media.

Before the new series kicks off, all islanders will complete video training which includes how to manage mutually respectful behaviour in relationships, behaviour patterns associated with controlling and coercive behaviour and language around disability, sexuality, race, and ethnicity, and microaggressions before they meet their fellow Islanders.

Islanders will also watch a video that will look at how to cope with being filmed 24/7, the interaction they will have with producers in the Villa, the support provided to family members, dealing with social media trolling, and adaptingto life away from the show.

Love Island begins June 5 from 9pm on ITV2.

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