Love Island’s Amy and Amber's families slam Curtis and Michael after shocking betrayals

Love Island’s Amy Hart and Amber Gill’s family and friends have slammed Curtis and Michael in a series of scathing tweets.

During tonight’s dramatic episode Amber was dumped by Michael, while Curtis nearly left Amy after admitting he had feelings for Jourdan.

While the scenes sent shockwaves through the nation, their loved ones have also been finding it very hard to watch as their hearts are being broken.

After the show, Amber’s friend tweeted: “As one of Amber’s friends, that was hard for me to watch. It’s not nice to see your friend in pain and biting their tongue not knowing what to say.

“But it looks like tomorrow Amber and Anna rip him a new a***hole, so it’s all good. #LoveIsland.”

They later sarcastically wrote:  “Wouldn’t trust Michael the firefighter to save me from a burning building… might change his mind halfway through, say I’m too young, and leave me there #loveisland.”

Amy’s family were clearly suffering too as they tweeted: “Oh Amy, girl.  YOU ARE  NO ONES  SECOND CHOICE!”

And when Curtis got rejected by Jourdan, they gleefully wrote:  “What a shame that Curtis got pied #loveisland.”

Amber was shocked to find out that her partner – who grafted hard to persuade her to couple up with him in the first place because he wasn't her "type" – had hit it off with the brunette beauty in the Main Villa over the past three days while she was staying loyal to him in Casa Amor.

Amber refused to get to know any of the new boys during her time in the sister villa and was horrified at the thought of Michael snogging another girl during the group challenges, but the 27-year-old firefighter had other ideas as he happily locked lips with Joanna and shared a bed with her.

When asked if he wanted to stay with Amber or recouple, Michael said: "The last few days have been quite interesting. They've opened my mind to a few things. So the past few days have given me a lot of time to reflect. I've come to the realisation that I've not been true to myself and I've overlooked certain situations that I wouldn't normally do.

"I've bitten my tongue when I wouldn't usually do so. Meeting this girl has brought the Michael that I know and everyone else knows back. She's unbelievably stunning and she doesn't take herself too seriously which is a massive thing for me and although it doesn't usually roll off my tongue, I do believe she's beautiful. So I've decided to recouple. The girl I would like to recouple with is Joanna."

Earlier in the episode Curtis admitted that he had taken a shining to new girl and was in two minds about whether he would stay coupled up with Amy Hart or ditch her for the stunning model.

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The professional dancer snogged Jourdan on two separate challenges after admitting that he fancied her but decided against coupling up with her after she told him that she liked Danny Williams.

Curtis said: "Amy and I we haven't had any test or bumps in the road and things were going fantastic until a few days ago.

"Basically a young girl walked into the villa and made me realise a lot of things … It made me realise I'd been lying to myself and most of all, to Amy. I just hope everything can be sorted out."

Although he decided to stay with Amy, he has promised that he will be "honest" about what has gone on in the Main Villa while she was away – and the revelation will no doubt infuriate the air hostess as she declared her love for the hunk to her friend Molly-Mae just hours before.

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