MAFS Australias Shannon is reportedly back with his ex-girlfriend

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Married at First Sight Australia welcomed 20 more brides and grooms to be matched by a team of experts in the hope of finding true love. Among those were Shannon Adams who was paired up with makeup artist Caitlin McConville and the couple seemed to get on from the get-go. Unfortunately, the couple didn’t manage to get very far in the E4 reality show.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Married at First Sight Australia

Shannon and Caitlin had a promising beginning as there was clearly chemistry between the singletons on their wedding day.

Their friends and families also expressed hope for the union, admitting they felt positive about this match.

Sadly, things started to quickly go downhill after exchanging vows. During Confessions Week, Shannon said with ease how he didn’t find her the most attractive out of the brides during the photo ranking task.

He listed Melissa as the one he physically connected to the most as she was someone “who would impress your mates”.

This was just the beginning though as Caitlin later heard Shannon on the phone with his ex-fiancée, whom he shares his four-year-old daughter with.

When asked about their dynamic, Shannon admitted he was still in love with her and this, in turn, led to the couple splitting up at the end of the second commitment ceremony.

Ahead of the series, Channel 9 stated how he was in an on-again-off-again relationship with this previous partner for several years.

Although it was said he was ready to move on, clearly he hadn’t gotten over the mystery woman before appearing on MAFS Australia.

Who is MAFS Australia star Shannon Adams’ ex-girlfriend?

Shannon Adam’s ex-fiancée was a woman called Jamea Drake who lives in Cairns, Australia.

They had been together on-and-off for seven years and have a young daughter together.

She came out as the woman Shannon had been talking to on the Facebook group MAFS Uncensored.

Jamea asked for fans of the show to leave her and her daughter out of the drama as she didn’t “sign up” for the show.

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She wrote: “Guys, I am the ex, You can all continue to comments about the people and who ON THE show, God I don’t care what you say about Shannon either he signed up for it and put himself there, but PLEASE leave me out of the negativity.

“I DID NOT sign up on the show, I didn’t go on and I am literally collateral damage.

“I have NO benefit in being in the media or put there, and truthfully not my cup of tea I could not give a hoot about my followers or socials.

“Please remember me and my daughter are innocent, Shan and I have seven years and a kid and lots of stuff happens behind the scenes/ before and after.”

Shannon and Jamea broke up in 2021 but they kept in touch throughout filming last year and when he returned to Cairns, they reportedly chose to give their relationship another go.

A source told Daily Mail Australia: “They were together for about seven years…it was very on and off, but they are happy now.

“I think Shannon tried to get over Jamea by going on MAFS, but he had second thoughts as soon as he married Caitlin.

“He was upset after the wedding and wanted out right away.”

MAFS Australia is available to watch Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on E4.

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