MAFS UK star Brad Skelly axed from show after ‘controlling’ behaviour to wife

Married At First Sight star Brad Skelly has been asked to exit the show after facing allegations of "controlling and coercive" behaviour.

Scenes were aired this week which showed Brad telling his new wife Shona to "shut up", sparking backlash from viewers and concerns from the experts, who had already seen some worrying behaviour.

Getting together to discuss Brad's future, the experts decided the intense environment of the show wasn't working for the couple and they should leave the process.

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Channel 4 has now confirmed that the pair will no longer be seen on the show, telling OK!: "The couple’s exit plays out in the show. It was agreed alongside experts Paul, Mel and Charlene that the intensive Married at First Sight environment was not working for the couple and it was the right time to leave the experiment.

"The relationships on Married at First Sight UK are closely monitored off screen, by production and an independent psychologist. If any of the relationships develop in a way that is deemed to be potentially unhealthy for either party, we would take expert psychological advice as to whether it was time for them to leave the process.

"The welfare of all contributors on Married at First Sight UK is our top priority and we ensure that appropriate support is available to contributors at all times during filming, including 24/7 access to a member of the welfare team or psych support."

The statement came after viewers experts Mel, Paul and Charlene explain to Brad at the commitment ceremony that his behaviour could be seen as "dangerous."

Shona then posted an emotional statement on Instagram, penning: "I was completely infatuated in that relationship. I got lost, and in trying to defend us as a couple, I was silenced. I don’t even remember that happening.

"It’s difficult to see what everyone else could see and what you are watching play out now.

"It’s uncomfortable to see this from the outside perspective and feeling what arises up for me in witnessing what everyone else could see, and now you’re watching it play out just as we watch it for the first time."

Brad responded by claiming the edit didn't show the full story, as he added: "That edit was difficult to watch."

Always remember you are only seeing snippets for drama. Try not to have an emotional resilience to a person you have never sat down and had a conversation with physically."

Shona reminded viewers not to troll Brad online after watching the scenes, saying: " Shona wrote: "In sharing some of my experience and the lessons I've learned, I don't want it to seem like it's an invitation to comment about Bradley on my posts because that's not my intention here.

"It's important to address the behaviour but not attack the person."

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