Maria horrified as troll uploads her address online in Coronation Street

The troll targeting Maria Connor (Samia Longchambon) in Coronation Street seriously upped their game in tonight’s episode.

Already aware of a rap video using her speech, Maria continued to see the negative side to social media when another deep-fake video began circulating.

The video had Maria’s head photoshopped onto a naked woman, which made it look as though she was in a porn film.

Despite her horror, Maria was determined to stay strong.

She put a fierce outfit on, applied some lipstick and made her way outside.

Maria pressed record on her phone and called the troll a bully, announcing she wouldn’t be backing down anytime soon.

Sadly, Maria looks set to regret her latest move as that evening, she told Gary the troll had uploaded their address to social media and within the comments she’s received – there’s also a death threat.

But who is behind the horrific scheme?

The troll has uploaded Maria’s address – could that mean it’s someone she knows?

And what will happen next?

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