Mark Wright gives fans a rare look inside his house with stunning marble kitchen

MARK Wright gave fans a rare look inside his house with a stunning marble kitchen.

The former Towie star, 33, caught his kitchen on camera while filming a boomerang of two cameramen in his home.

Mark and Michelle's kitchen boasts marble surfaces, with an island cutting through the middle.

It holds a golden tap and a white vase, giving the kitchen a bit of greenery.

There are huge double doors on one side that may be a big freezer, with hard floors.

On the far end is a sitting area, boasting a fireplace, a a table, and a sofa.

Michelle and Mark only give rare glimpses into their home, which boasts a lavish bedroom, huge gardens and lots of mirrors throughout.

However, the pair are hoping to move into their £1.3million dream home in Essex.

The couple have demolished a farmhouse to build a five-bedroom house with a bar, gym and an outdoor swimming pool.

However, the house might be in jeopardy after the council complained it's too big.

After having a planning application approved last year, they’ve now redesigned the property making it even bigger and submitted a new application, which their local Parish Council objected to.

The Sun revealed last week a letter dated January 4, which wrote: "At the time of the original applications, the Parish Council considers the impact the proposed new dwelling would have on the green belt, and whilst it was felt that the dwelling itself would represent a much grander and greater dwelling than the original dwelling, the demolition of the associated cart lodge was also taken into account. 

"For these reasons, the council did not object to the application, albeit some concern was raised that the property was perhaps rather large and potentially out of keeping with the rural setting. 

"This new amended application further increases the size of the dwelling, and the Parish Council feels that these proposed changes increase the size of the dwelling over the original dwelling size to such a degree that it would, for reasons of its bulk and size, now represent an unacceptable increase and as such have a detrimental impact on the green belt. 

"The Parish Council therefore OBJECTS to this proposal on this basis."

They have also been forced to withdraw plans to turn their home into 'a fortress' after local council complaints. 

The famous couple want to make the estate more secure by surrounding it with a 'rendered wall' around two metres high. 

The ex-reality star purchased the property in October in 2019 before demolishing the farmhouse that stood on it in July.

Mark and Michelle previously submitted plans in February 2020 to replace it with a vast Georgian-style home.

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