Marnie Simpson and Casey Johnson back together after split rumours as they cosy up in bed together

REALITY star Marnie Simpson showed that she's still going strong with Casey Johnson as she shared a cosy video of them in bed on Instagram yesterday.

Last week, Marnie, 28, sparked fears she's split from her fiancé after she unfollowed him and took his name out of her bio on Instagram.

The Geordie Shore star filmed Casey playing with their one-year-old son Rox before they jumped into bed in a sweet Instagram video.

The pair looked happy in each other's company as they cosied up beside one another while Marnie filmed them.

Last week, Marnie worried social media followers that she had split from Casey after she unfollowed him on and took his name out of her Instagram bio.

At time, fans rushed to Marnie's social media to ask if the couple are still together after she shared a series of inspirational quotes about "new beginnings".

"If life can remove someone you never thought of losing, it can replace with someone you never dreamt of having," one of the poignant posts read.

Marnie has been dating Casey since the end of June 2017 after they starred together on reality show Single AF.

They are parents to baby Rox – who turned one in October. Marnie's rep refused to comment on the couple's relationship status when contacted by The Sun.

Fans have shared their distress in Marnie's Instagram comments.

"I’m upset for them such a beautiful family 💔❤ thought they were a beautiful couple," one commented.

"You never know what goes on behind closed doors do you? Hopefully they can work something out," another added.

While a third simply asked: "Are you and Casey still together??"

Last year Marnie let fans in on the romantic moment in August when Casey proposed to her in their garden.

Marnie revealed their "entire relationship" has been captured on camera, with Casey showing her a short film before proposing.

She shared the emotional video on Instagram and captioned the post: "Our whole relationship was caught on camera from start to finish and he created a Montage of it for our proposal and it was so special I love him so much and I feel so blessed that we always have this to look back on ♥️

"thank you @mtv for giving me everything I have And all the people involved if wasn’t for all you this dream wouldn’t be a reality so thank you so much and I will always love you so much for giving me @caseycodyj and baby rox ♥️ ".

The star also shared photos from the moment Casey proposed.

She captioned the post: "Words can’t describe the emotions I felt this nignt, all my dreams came true and im finally going to me Mrs Johnson and I couldn’t be more happy, I felt like I was in a movie and and a romantic fairy tale, it’s a moment I won’t ever forget, no one will truly understand what me and @caseycodyj have been through as a couple but it’s unconditional love ♥️

"if you want to see what movie he choose for me to watch check out my next post 🥺 p.s also you’ll see my reaction on the next series of Geordie OGs where we both sob like babies 🙈".

The couple announced they were having a baby in April 2019 – sharing a sweet snap of themselves kissing beside the Eiffel Tower. Rox was born in October that year.

Marnie previously opened up about her traumatic 28-hour labour, with the star requiring two blood transfusions and baby Rox eventually required a vacuum-assisted delivery.

She told OK! magazine at the time: "They used the suction cup to get him out and I had an episiotomy which is where they cut you because if I carried on pushing they said there was a chance I could have torn.

"Then when I was delivering I haemorrhaged and I lost so much blood that I had to have two blood transfusions. I lost two pints of blood and there are nine pints in a woman’s body!"

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