Married At First Sight star on major difference to UK series ‘Not what I was expecting’

Married At First Sight UK: E4 introduces new singletons

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Married At First Sight UK will be airing on E4 on August 30 and for fans, it will be the perfect Bank Holiday treat. They are keen to see how the 16 singletons will be paired into eight couples, and whose relationships will last. Matchmaker Melanie Schilling said she was surprised at how open the Brits were about their emotions.

Married At First Sight UK has been subject to a complete overhaul as it takes inspiration from the Australian version.

The quirky reality series follows a panel of experts as they match single men and women together in a bid to form a lifelong bond.

But fans will know the matchmaking series comes with plenty of drama as the individuals clash with one another.

Australian specialist in human behaviour and performance, Melanie Schilling, acts as one of the coaches on both versions of the series.

In an interview with and other media, she said the Brits were much more emotionally available.

She said: “It’s been such a learning curve for me, I am married to a Brit and I’m of British descent myself so you’d think I’d know better.

“But no, I think I did underestimate how different the British culture is from the Australian when it comes to relationships.

“Talking about your feelings and opening up and feeling vulnerable, and I think there are some stereotypes about the Brits that we can smash with this show.

“Because our contributors here are really open – sure they may take a little longer to open up but once they do, we get that real raw emotion.

“That really ‘lay your heart on the line’ kind of stuff, so I think for me it’s such a pleasant surprise because it wasn’t what I was expecting.”

The 2021 cast may have been revealed but the pairings have been kept under wraps for now.

Paul Brunson returns to the matching panel alongside Melanie for this season, and they are joined by Charlene Douglas – a sex and relationship therapist.

Speaking about the hardest part when it comes to matching the couples, Paul told “For me, the hardest part in the matching process is being able to remove the TV element of it.

“So being able to look at someone, assess someone and ask myself – would these responses and answers be different if it wasn’t for the TV programme?”

The series is adored by fans for its intense level of drama, but they are also intrigued by the coupling process.

Melanie added: “One of the big challenges for us and what science really can’t predict is the attraction.

“We can do all we can behind the scenes and in the build-up to get this couple together.

“But the really unpredictable part is how they are going to feel when they are in each other’s physical presence.

“And how that’s going to spark, it’s always unpredictable.”

This year, the 16 singletons will be able to assess each other’s progress as they get to know one another at dinner parties.

Paul hinted his format, similar to that of the Australian series, provided an eye-opening experience.

Across 21 episodes the series will follow the couples as they meet for the first time at the altar.

After the ceremony, their romantic bond will be put to the test as they head off on a honeymoon.

They will then have to face living with each other, as well as their fellow couples in a real test of patience.

Married At First Sight UK airs on E4 on August 30.

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