Martin Lewis reveals he's given almost £20m of his own money to charity in just eight years

MONEY saving expert Martin Lewis has given nearly £20million of his own cash to charity in just eight years, he revealed today.

The 48-year-old explained that after his website Money Saving Expert was bought by the Money Supermarket Group in 2012 for an estimated £87million – he pledged to donate £10million to charity.

However, the actual figure he has donated is double his initial pledge and in fact nearly an astounding £20million.

Yesterday, the financial journalist shared a blog report of where the worthwhile funds have gone and who it's helped over the years, including Citizens Advice and Charities Aid Foundation.

He wrote on "£11m is the total I've now put into charity funds, including Gift Aid (or equivalent). £2m of this was direct funding to Citizens Advice.

"£9m was put into a Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) fund. This works like a charity bank account – I control the money, but can only use it to make charitable-type donations…

"£7.9m of that £9m has now gone to specific charities, so that's total donations of £9.9m so far when Citizens Advice is included."

Martin also said there's still £10.4million left in the CAF fund he set – the same amount he initially donated – due to the investments he had "a large chunk of the charity money in did well".

The financial expert also detailed an extra £5million he has helped raise aside from his direct donations to charities or were made before he started the charity fund.

Some of these worthwhile causes include The 'Martin Lewis Coronavirus Poverty Fund, Trussell Trust as well as The Money and Mental Health Policy Institute.

Aside from his charitable donations, Martin revealed in July that he had quit Good Morning Britain after 17 years because he "couldn't cope" with his busy workload.

Martin explained at the time that he would be launching a new weekly live show in September and he "can't cope" with doing that and the GMB slot as well.

However, he did insist that he wants to be invited back on the breakfast show as a guest in the future.

Martin is the founder of Money Saving Expert, which he set up in 2003 ahead of finding fame as a financial expert on a variety of TV shows.

He has been the money pro in ITV's breakfast slot for almost two decades, first appearing on Daybreak before the programme was replaced with Good Morning Britain in 2014.

The star has also appeared on This Morning, and since 2012 has hosted The Martin Lewis Money Show on ITV.

He and co-host  Angelica Bell have broadcast Money Show special episodes live from home during lockdown, and it will be returning with the new weekly show in September.

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